Tennis Court Cleaning, Pressure Washing and Moss Removal

Tennis Court Cleaning, Pressure Washing and Moss Removal

Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Bring your tennis court or multi sports surface back to life with Halcyon Courts professional deep cleaning service. Whether you are a private owner, a school, tennis club or university we can help restore your court to its former glory.

Using our extensive experience and only the best equipment, we will carry out a full inspection of your surface before commencing work.

A clean, safe surface is essential for perfect gameplay.


Moss Removal and Moss Treatment

Certain areas of a tennis court and multi sport surfaces will eventually become covered with moss, whether it is the whole playing surface itself or outside tramlines or behind the baselines.

Moss growth not only looks bad but can become slippery and become dangerous.  It can also slowly start to cause damage to a playing surface so it is important that the moss growth is removed and the surface kept clear.

At Halcyon Courts we use specialist equipment and techniques to remove the moss and ensure you have a safe surface all year round.